A Full International E-commerce Strategy

Building a global E-commerce ecosystem requires looking at how each and every aspect of your retail business operates, both independently and as a cohesive environment; across each channel in one market, and then across all of your markets around the world.

With worldwide retail e-commerce sales projected to hit $2.5 trillion during 2018, there has never been a better time to stake your claim in the online frontier.  Let us help you achieve your goals.

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Our Strategy and Development Services

International Strategy

International e-commerce is a huge driver of the growth of online revenues. The advance of technology and always on connectivity is increasing the sales contact points with your customers exponentially.

The team at Squareflex can support you with experienced advice and resources as you build and execute your strategy for serving consumers in overseas markets.


International customers want to be able to read a website in their language that reflects their values and way of life. They also want to see prices in their currency and pay with their locally preferred payment methods.

Research shows that as few as 40% of Internet users will visit websites written in a foreign language, so why put yourself at a disadvantage?


The business ecosystem is a growing and complex community of organizations and stakeholders (players) operating within a particular business environment, collaborating for mutual economic gain as well as competing against each other for clients.

Squareflex helps you to form alliances and compete in the economic web of relationships in your line of business.


Global internet marketing or e-commerce is the buying and selling of products and services over electronic systems such as the Internet or in some cases mobile phones.

Unlike setting up shops overseas, using the Internet to sell to international consumers is a low-risk business decision that offers a great potential for business growth and returns on investment.


Since 1998, Squareflex has been working with some the world’s biggest (and smallest) e-commerce operators and retail brands. Over that time, having handled many assignments and projects for our customers around the globe.

We’ve also developed in-depth insight into eCommerce markets both local and truly international in scope.  We know what works where, and why.


With 20 years of experience, you can imagine the people and companies we have met along the way. Some have exuberant success stories, and some have warnings to share.

Ultimately experienced people make a successful business and we can introduce to those people, who collectively have the knowledge and experience to save you from making wrong and costly decisions.

Over 15 Years Of Experience

We might give away our ages if we told you that we started out in e-commerce in 1998!

We are not precious about age, but we are driven by the knowledge and experience we have acquired to get to that age. Let us show you the right way to succeed.