Experienced Consultants With Your Interests at Heart

With over 20 years of e-commerce experience, Squareflex offers a consultancy service for brands looking to expand their online sales, both in the UK and internationally.

Our experienced consultants have seen all sides of online sales and know instinctively where the pitfalls lie that lead to unprofitability. We help you avoid issues that can affect your business such as uncompetitive pricing, low margins and marketplace policies and concealed charges that mean you slide into unprofitability.

International contacts

Over the past two decades we have run a number of businesses with a multimillion pound turnover across a number of e-commerce verticals, overseeing expansion into international markets.

As you might expect, you cannot run operations of this complexity without building relationships.

E-commerce solutions

From Arabic speaking website translators to local distribution and warehousing solutions in Australia, our business contacts are able to take away the stress for your expansion plans.

Our support leaves you free to mastermind your next business conquest.

Reporting excellence

A key part of international expansion is to be able to take an all-around view of the market challenges you face.

Our 360-degree reporting techniques enable you to get under the skin of your sales and find the real profits that will power your business forward.

Help when you need it

Our consultancy is unique. We are here to help you achieve your dreams. Our working methods concentrates on facts.

With Squareflex in your corner, you can be sure of achieving the best and most profitable outcomes for your business. Contact us for a quote today?